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7   S M A R T F I T   S E R V I C E S

1. Body Mass Assessments

Body Mass Index -- SmartFitters have an initial Body Mass Index assessment and fitness assessment to determine their Fitness level. This assessment helps clients to determine the amount of body fat; and the BMI is used to select the nutrition and wellness plan best for each SmartFitter.


Monthly Measurements -- SmartFitters get measured each month by our SmartFit professional trainers so progress can be assessed and daily and weekly plans can be developed. This helps our SmartFitters keep their initial and end goal in mind. Because each SmartFitter’s results are different based on their body composition and commitment to the 3-C Focus (Choices-Commitments-Challenges), our trainers help SmartFitters adjust their daily habits and intended exercise plan to meet their needs.

2. Cardio and Conditioning

Interval Training -- Helping the body become conditioned is all about time on task. Our SmartFitters always improve their cardiovascular conditioning by working at their own challenge level within our interval training. Most of our fitness exercises are performed in 1-minute intervals with a 20 second break between each exercise. A longer break is provided halfway through the SmartFit session which gives our SmartFitters just enough recovery time to complete the final 30 minutes. The feeling after finishing the entire session is what motivates our SmartFitters.


Circuit Training -- The SmartFit facility allows for a lot of flexibility in exercise design. Smartfitters rotate between stations after completing three exercise cycles at each station. Each station works on a different part of the body during the strength training, and have different cardio-based exercises on strictly cardio days. It is not uncommon to see Smartfitters using dumbbells, bench pressing, shoulder pressing, deadlifting, and doing pushups, situps and squat thrusts.


Cardio Tuesdays and Thursdays -- Although we all of our clients get cardio training everyday of the week, SmartFit dedicates Tuesdays and Thursdays to cardiovascular fitness. These days help SmartFitters build up their endurance while burning calories at a high rate. Exercises like jumping rope, burpees, mountain climbers, planks, V-ups, high knees, etc. are a small list of fat-burning and toning activities that our SmartFitters learn to love.

3. Fitness Competitions

SmartFit by Brian believes that competition helps to maintain motivation; therefore, our SmartFitters are offered the opportunities to compete in quarterly fitness competitions within SmartFit and against other gyms and fitness facilities across the nation. SmartFit results from these fitness challenges have been incredible since we included this as a SmartFit service. In fact, SmartFitters usually win strength and conditioning competitions. The friendships gained and comradery experienced at competitions are at high levels, and great enjoyment is experienced when we are able to show how far we’ve come in our training.  

4. Full Body Toning

Health and physical fitness comes when the complete body has its focus and attention. Our positive and supportive efforts toward building the self-esteem of SmartFitters helps their self-efficacy and motivation; thus, causing them to stick with the SmartFit plan. Our full body training incorporates upper body, lower body, core and motivational training. To achieve results, we use body resistance and targeted free weight exercises within our interval and circuit training. You are guaranteed to experience a change in your body, mind and self-esteem when you commit to following the SmartFit plan!

5. Nutrition and Wellness Plans

Throughout the numerous years of helping clients achieve their fitness dreams, revisions and refinement of nutritions plans has led SmartFit by Brian to develop 7 different nutrition plans to serve the needs of our individual SmartFitters. Although looking great is evidence of SmartFitters’ progress, our goal is to help our SmartFitters live a healthy lifestyle that leads to fulfillment and happiness. An improved lifestyle emerges when SmartFitters choose and commit to a healthier lifestyle in which the appropriate challenge accompanies exercise and eating right.

6. Strength Training

Endurance is a sign of strength, but strength does not always equate to endurance. With interval training during our cardio and full body sessions, SmartFit helps to ensure that the physical strength and endurance that are needed to achieve daily goals are present. All we ask our SmartFitters to do is to commit to the SmartFit plan and they will “experience the progress”. Our focus on using strategic exercises with appropriate equipment during challenging circuit and interval training helps our SmartFitters build strength and get results. Our daily schedule ensures that strength is increased in all parts of the body.

7. Support and Accountability Plan

At SmartFit by Brian, we invest in your success! As SmartFit helps you work at your own pace, we incorporate weekly weigh-ins, monthly measurements, and periodic fitness assessments in a supportive environment. Unlike your traditional gym, SmartFit offers you group circuit training or individual appointment-based, one-on-one training with qualified trainers who walk with you every step of the way during your SmartFit journey. Our nutrition plans help SmartFitters chart their daily progress and monitor their fitness experience. As an added bonus, SmartFitters are provided a peer accountability partner to help them along their journey (if desired). We are here to help you achieve your fitness and health goal. Give SmartFit a chance, and you’ll see why it’s THE SMARTEST DECISION EVER MADE!

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