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B R I A N  M E A D O W S 

“I truly believe that I have a duty and responsibility to help as many people live a longer and healthier life by sharing what I’ve learned and know to be true. The human body can achieve more than we ask it to do; and our choices, commitments and challenges can lead us to a level of fulfillment that can satisfy our inner spirit. B-Fit to B-Happy!” – Brian Meadows

Interesting Fact:  The CDC releases annual obesity rates every fall based on self-reported surveys on behavioral risk factors.  In every state, at least one in five adults is obese. Colorado has the least, at 20.2 percent. Louisiana is at the top of the list with 36.2 percent. Georgia’s percentage ranks 32.7 % (CDC & Cartagena, 2016).

Creative Founder/ Master Trainer


Brian Meadows is a NASM-certified master trainer who has more than fifteen years of experience in individual and group fitness training. His passion for seeing a healthy America has resulted in him training and providing health and nutrition plans to clients all across the United States and from Florida all the way to California. He is a certified and licensed professional physical fitness instructor who lives by the motto is "B-Fit to B-Happy". He believes that a healthy body and healthy mindset are the results of a healthy lifestyle.


Brian shares his time and talents with schools and community organizations across the nation because he is committed to ensuring that our youth know how to properly care for themselves and others around them. Brian is well known and trusted by his clients and professional peers. They look to him for effectiveness and professional support of each and every one of their goals.


As CEO of SmartFit by Brian, it is his mission to offer a variety of fitness avenues to help his clients experience success as they continuously meet their SmartFit goals. A total body approach to getting and remaining fit has helped Brian help thousands of clients improve their overall health and live a balanced lifestyle. SmartFit emphasizes nutritional plans, monthly fitness assessments, accountability markers and healthy lifestyle decisions. Brian has changed the lives of many men and women who made the conscious choice to seek a SmartFit program to help them achieve fitness success.

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